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Y Combinator cuts ties with Peter Thiel

Polarize your Thanksgiving guests by serving up a Hot Cheetos turkey

13 times nature was scary AF in 2017

The worst questions you’ll hear this Thanksgiving and how to redirect the conversation

Use this cloud tool to revolutionize your workflow for less than $40

FourBears is a Kickstarter project that lets you create a customized children’s book

Master SEO with this online tool and show up higher in search

The internet isn’t impressed with Ivanka Trump’s Thanksgiving ideas

Everyone jumped on their seats to escape a rat on the NYC subway

Simone Biles defends one teammate after another’s misguided comment about sexual assault

Chris Miller and Phil Lord discuss their unceremonious exit from the Han Solo movie

Al Franken cut from PBS’ David Letterman tribute after groping allegations

Elon Musk suggests the new Roadster could get a ‘rocket’ car upgrade package

Jeffrey Tambor on sexual misconduct allegations: ‘I don’t see how I can return to Transparent.’

Two months after Hurricane Maria, thousands march in Washington for Puerto Rico

Mom gives her daughter’s college diploma the photoshoot it deserves

Lena Dunham issues a hollow apology for defending a ‘Girls’ writer accused of rape

‘Justice League’ had DC’s worst box office yet. What does Warner Bros. do now?

Junior league goalie scores on empty net and everyone absolutely loses their minds

This list of cool vape cloud GIFs is a minefield of college application links, so your son has to click at least one

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