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Brave, brave woman lets a huge spider crawl all over her face

NASA honors ‘Hidden Figures’ inspiration with a new research facility

Have almost any toy imaginable, at the click of a button

Amazon will deliver Chipotle, Chili’s, and your other fast-casual faves

Trump doubles down on NFL rant, clearly has no idea how all this works

Costumed dachshunds race for the win in annual ‘running of the wieners’

There’s a new hottest pepper in town: Pepper X

9 tweets that killed the internet’s favorite memes

LeBron James drags Trump with a perfect ‘U Bum’

At the request of Chrissy Teigen, moms share the meanest things their kids have said

Pete Souza reminds us of when our president wasn’t feuding with every pro sports league

You don’t need to be a Trekkie to enjoy ‘Star Trek Discovery’

I’m God and I totally forgot that I was supposed to end the world today

Here’s what’s coming to (and going from) Hulu in October

Here’s what it’s like when Bill Nye catches you Snapchatting in the elevator

NFL condemns ‘divisive’ Trump remarks without really addressing the core issue

On Harley Quinn Day, let’s talk about why this character matters to so many

The Easter egg in Apple’s new App Store and why it matters

This tiny silkscreen t-shirt press is perfect for your hipster Ken doll

1945: Stunned reactions after a plane struck the Empire State Building

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