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25 Lesser Known Jokes By Ashish Shakya

Banned In Pakistan, Indian Media Proudly Displays These Nude Sketches By A Karachi Artist

8 Rich Kids Who Are Famous For Being Total Spoilt Brats

Ghosts Of 11 Dead Celebrities That Continue To Haunt The World

15 Brave Comic Panels That Bite The Hypocrisy Of Our Society In The Butt

Witnessing The Roger Federer-Rafael Nadal Rivalry: The Greatest Privilege Of Our Generation

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Movie Review: Jurassic World Has To Be The Most Unscary Monster Movie Ever

Once This Fishing Village Was Abandoned, It Was Taken Over By Nature. And She Did A Stellar Job

Touching Film, Narrated From A Dog’s Perspective, Will Take You Through An Emotional Roller Coaster

UN Peacekeepers Exchange Goods For Sex, Take Advantage Of Desperate Conditions

Pakistan Violates Ceasefire Across LoC, Resorts To ‘Unprovoked Firing’, Says Defence Ministry

‘We Have Nuclear Capabilities’, Pak Leader Warns India, In Light Of Rathore’s Comments

After Nestle’s Maggi, KFC, CCD Under Scanner For Flouting Environment Laws

Here’s The Kind Of Eyewear That Will Suit Your Face Type

PornHub Plans To Shoot Some Astro-naughty Videos In Space. Your Money Can Fund The Sexploration

Myanmar Says Covert Op Took Place In Indian Territory, India Doesn’t Agree

12 Bollywood ‘Outsiders’ And How They Made It Big Without A Godfather

Overtly Happy Guy Secretly Dances Behind Unsuspecting New Yorkers And Photobombs Them

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